Bennett Renault Motability Offers

All-New Renault CLIO

The fuel efficient All-New Renault CLIO can be adapted to suit your needs making it the perfect car for everyone. The All-New Renault CLIO has a range of feature and comes with, among other things, six airbags, Electronic Stability Programme, Traction Control, Emergency Brake Assist and speed limiter.

VersionEngineAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment
TCe 100£0£61.65
IconicTCe 100£0Total Allowance
IconicTCe 100 EDC£95Total Allowance
IconicdCi 85£295Total Allowance
RS LineTCe 100£0Total Allowance
RS LineTCe 100 EDC£345Total Allowance
RS LineTCe 130 EDC£295Total Allowance
RS LineE-TECH Hybrid 140£295Total Allowance

Clio V play
captur iconic

All-New Renault CAPTUR

The roomy and practical SUV is a great vehicle to take the kids out with the ISOFIX child seat mountings on the three rear seats or enjoy for yourself. Road side assistance, servicing and insurance are taken care of so you can relax and plan your adventures.


VersionEngineAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment
PlayTCe 100£0£61.25
PlayTCe 130 EDC£0Total Allowance
IconicTCe 100£0Total Allowance
IconicTCe 130£0Total Allowance
IconicTCe 130 EDC£195Total Allowance
IconicTCe 155 EDC£495Total Allowance
IconicdCi 15£0Total Allowance
S-EditionTCe 100£195Total Allowance
S-EditionTCe 130£195Total Allowance
S-EditionTCe 130 EDC£495Total Allowance
S-EditionTCe 155 EDC£795Total Allowance
S-EditionE-TECH Plug-Hybrid 160 Auto£3,049Total Allowance

Renault MEGANE

The MEGANE'S striking features makes it an undisputed choice when it comes to the Active Safety features and its technology, the carefully selected updates will bring you delight during your journeys.


VersionEngineAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment*
PlayTCe 140£295Total Allowance
PlayTCe 140 Auto£1,295Total Allowance
PlayBlue dCi 115£1,095Total Allowance
PlayBlue dCi 115 Auto£1,395Total Allowance
IconicTCe 140£645Total Allowance
IconicTCe 140 Auto£1,595Total Allowance
Blue dCi 115£1,495Total Allowance
IconicBlue dCi 115 Auto£1,995Total Allowance
GT LineTCe 140£645Total Allowance
GT LineTCe 140 Auto£1,745Total Allowance 
GT LineBlue dCi 115£1,445Total Allowance 
GT LineBlue dCi 115 Auto£2,545Total Allowance 

MEGANE Sport Tourer

VersionEngineAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment*
PlayTCe 140£395Total Allowance
PlayTCe 140 Auto£1,395Total Allowance
PlayBlue dCi 115£1,195Total Allowance
PlayBlue dCi 115 Auto£1,495Total Allowance
IconicTCe 140£745Total Allowance
IconicTCe 140 Auto£1,695Total Allowance
IconicBlue dCi 115£1,595Total Allowance
IconicBlue dCi 115 Auto£2,095Total Allowance
GT LineTCe 140£745Total Allowance
GT LineTCe 140 Auto£1,845Total Allowance 
GT LineBlue dCi 115£1,545Total Allowance
GT LineBlue dCi 115 Auto£2,645Total Allowance

Renault KADJAR

The SUV which is both practical and affordable is a great car for you with a range of features and great fuel economy figures. With adaptions available and a roomy cabin, it can meet many of your needs.


VersionEngineAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment
IconicTCe 140£1,045Total Allowance
IconicTCe 140 Auto£1,645Total Allowance
IconicTCe 160£1,395Total Allowance
IconicBlue dCi 115£2,045Total Allowance
S-EditionTCe 140£1,045Total Allowance
S-EditionTCe 140 Auto£1,445Total Allowance
S-EditionTCe 160£295Total Allowance
S-EditionBlue dCi 115£1,495Total Allowance
GT LineTCe 140£1,195Total Allowance
GT LineTCe 140 Auto£1,245Total Allowance
GT LineBlue dCi 115£1,595Total Allowance

New Renault ZOE

Say hello to the New Renault ZOE, the 100% electric car that will allow you to join the electric revolution. With cutting edge technology this stylish supermini has been designed to make driving and in turn life easy. All of the innovative features ZOE offers have been designed to make your electric life stress-free and allows your driving experience to be relaxed from the get-go. From the dynamic Eco-Mode to the Automatic Gearbox, Electronic Stability Control to Z.E Voice, ZOE boasts a host of environmental and economic incentives.


VersionEngineAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment
i IconicElectric R110 50KWh Auto£699Total Allowance
i IconicElectric R110 50KWh Rapid Charge Auto£999Total Allowance
i IconicElectric R135 50KWh Auto£0Total Allowance
i IconicElectric R135 50KWh Rapid Charge Auto£699Total Allowance
i GT LineElectric R135 50KWh Auto£699Total Allowance
i GT LineElectric R135 50KWh Rapid Charge Auto£999Total Allowance

All New ZOE

Renault TRAFIC Passenger

Clean lines, chrome grille, full LED headlights, dual function fog lights, C-shaped lighting signature, etc. With its modern and dynamic front-end, Renault TRAFIC Passenger combines robustness and endurance to create a design that helps you get the job done.


VersionEngineAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment
Business SL28 - 9 SeaterdCi 120£2,945Total Allowance
Business SL28 - 9 SeaterdCi 145£3,145Total Allowance
Business SL28 - 9 SeaterdCi 145 Auto EDC£3,645Total Allowance
Business LL30 - 9 SeaterdCi 120£3,145Total Allowance
Business LL30 - 9 SeaterdCi 145£3,495Total Allowance
Business LL30 - 9 SeaterdCi 145 Auto EDC£3,995Total Allowance
Sport SL28 - 9 SeaterdCi 120£3,545Total Allowance
Sport SL28 - 9 SeaterdCi 170 Auto EDC£4,095Total Allowance
Sport LL30 - 9 SeaterdCi 120£3,495Total Allowance
Sport LL30 - 9 SeaterdCi 145£4,095Total Allowance
Sport LL30 - 9 SeaterdCi 170 Auto EDC£4,395Total Allowance
SpaceClass SL28 - 9 SeaterdCi 145£6,595Total Allowance
SpaceClass SL28 - 9 SeaterdCi 170 Auto EDC£7,095Total Allowance
SpaceClass LL28 - 9 SeaterdCi 145£6,795Total Allowance
SpaceClass LL28 - 9 SeaterdCi 170 Auto EDC£7,345Total Allowance

Terms and Conditions:* These cars are available at a fixed weekly amount for the whole of your lease agreement. The remainder of your allowance, including any annual increases, will be paid directly to you by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or Veterans UK depending on which allowance you receive. It's the most affordable way to access a car on the Motability scheme. Advance Payment (AP) offers are valid for Motability applications between 01 October 2020 and 31 December 2020 and are correct at the time of publication. Motability customers agree to pay all or part of the Motability Allowance (DLA or WPMS) depending on their choice of vehicle, for the duration of their contract hire or hire purchase agreement.