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    EV aftercare at Bennett Motor Group

    At Bennett Dacia and Renault in Leeds, we offer comprehensive EV aftersales services, including maintenance, repairs and charging solutions, helping you to keep your electric vehicle in peak condition.

    Indeed, we understand the unique needs of EV owners and offer specialised electric servicing to ensure your vehicle remains in optimal condition. Our team of Manufacturer Approved technicians is trained specifically in electric vehicle maintenance, providing services that differ significantly from those required for petrol or diesel vehicles.

    An electric powertrain has fewer moving parts compared to a traditional internal combustion engine, which means it requires a different approach to servicing. At Bennett Motor Group, our electric servicing focuses on the key components of your EV, such as its battery, electric motor and regenerative braking system. Regular battery health checks are crucial, as the battery is the heart of your electric vehicle. We use advanced diagnostic tools to monitor battery performance, ensuring it remains efficient and extends its lifespan.

    Unlike petrol or diesel vehicles, electric cars do not require oil changes, exhaust system checks or fuel system maintenance. This reduces the overall servicing needs and typically results in lower maintenance costs. Nevertheless, electric vehicles still require regular inspections of other vital components such as the brakes, tyres and suspension. Our technicians are equipped to handle these checks with precision and care.

    Another key difference in servicing electric vehicles at Bennett Dacia and Renault are the software updates we provide. EVs frequently receive updates to their operating systems and battery management software, which enhance performance and introduce new features. With every service, we ensure your vehicle's software is up-to-date, enabling you to benefit from the best possible driving experience.


    If our frequently asked questions below EVs don’t cover your query, please get in touch.

    What are the main differences between Dacia and Renault electric vehicles?


    Renault offers advanced technology and longer ranges in their EVs, while Dacia focuses on affordability and simplicity, making electric vehicles accessible with models like the Dacia SPRING.

    How does the range of the Renault ZOE compare to the Dacia SPRING?


    The Renault ZOE has a range of about 245 miles, whereas the Dacia SPRING travels 143 miles on a single charge.

    How does the Renault CAPTUR E-Tech hybrid work?


    The Renault CAPTUR E-Tech hybrid combines a petrol engine with an electric motor. It uses regenerative braking to recharge the battery, and it provides seamless switching between electric and hybrid modes.

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