Used Car FAQ's 

Need to learn more about Used Cars? All of your answers are right here. ​

What should I look for when buying a used car?


Make sure the car has been rigorously tested by a qualified technician and is provided with a warranty. Here at Bennett Renault, our highly trained technicians exhaustively inspect each of our used vehicles and issue a minimum 12-month warranty and 12 months’ Roadside Assistance.

Where can I buy used cars?


At Bennett Renault in Leeds! We have a wide range of Approved Used Renault and high-quality non-franchised used vehicles to choose from. Whatever your motoring tastes, preferences and budget, we’re sure to have a pre-loved car that will suit you down to the ground.

When buying a used car, what mileage is best?


The lower the mileage the better. Of course, the ‘best’ mileage will depend on how old the car is. For instance, a 10-year old vehicle with fewer than 75,000 clocked miles is likely a good bet.

When is it best to buy a used car?


Since new cars are released in March and September, these are good times to pick up a used car bargain because there tend to be more of them to choose from. Also, the run-up to registration plate changes is worth considering because this is when dealers tend to clear out older stock.

Are used cars reliable?


Yes, but only if they’ve been exhaustively tested by a reputable dealer and issued with a warranty and Roadside Assistance. Here at Bennett Renault, we offer all these peace-of-mind assurances and more.

How much is a used car in the UK?


You can find out right now by searching our top-notch used cars at Bennett Renault today.