Bennett Dacia Motability Pricing


The SANDERO offers a roomy 320-litre boot and comfort for five passengers. Its cabin has been intuitively organised to make the most of its space. Offering a many safety features and good value for money, the SANDERO suits many of your needs. In addition to its standard features, the Motability Offer means it can be modified to suit your personal circumstances. 

VersionEngineAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment*
AccessSCe 75£0£47.00
EssentialSCe 75£0£51.25
EssentialTCe 90£0£54.50
ComfortSCe 75£0£54.00
ComfortTCe 90£0£57.50

Dacia Sandero Comfort


The SANDERO STEPWAY has features including reinforced door sills and bumpers along with raised suspension to increase your view of the road. With SUV functionality, the STEPWAY is a great car for your adventures, with a large 320-litre boot that extends to 1,200 litres after folding the rear seats, you don't have to worry about not having enough room for your luggage. 

VersionEngineAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment*
EssentialSCe 75£0£54.00
EssentialTCe 90£0£57.50
ComfortTCe 90£0£61.20
TechroadTCe 90£0£61.20


The LOGAN MCV is an affordable car, with low running costs and a spacious interior, it's a great choice for a growing family. 

VersionEngineAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment*
AccessSCe 75£0£52.25
EssentialSCe 75£0£56.50
EssentialTCe 90£0£60.00
EssentialBlue dCi 95£249£61.20
ComfortSCe 75£0£59.00
ComfortTCe 90£0£61.20
Comfort Blue dCi 95 £199£61.20


The LOGAN MCV STEPWAY is a lot more affordable than many estate cars in its class. Similarly to the LOGAN MCV it's interior is generous with its space and the price to run is low.

VersionEngineAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment*
ComfortTCe 90£0£61.20
ComfortBlue dCi 95£0£61.20
TechroadTCe 90£879£61.20
TechroadBlue dCi 95£1,999£61.20



The Dacia DUSTER has many transferable features making it the perfect SUV for off-road adventures or gracefully driving around town.

Version Engine Advance Payment Weekly Payment
Access 4x2 TCe 100 £0 £57.50
Essential 4x2 TCe 100 £0 £60.00
Comfort 4x2 TCe 100 £0 £61.20
Comfort 4x2 TCe 130 £599 £61.20
Comfort 4x2 Blue dCi 115 £1,499 £61.20
Comfort 4x4 Blue dCi 115 £2,599 £61.20
Prestige 4x2 TCe 130 £1,249 £61.20
Prestige 4x2 TCe 150 £1,549 £61.20
Prestige 4x4 TCe 150 £2,349 £61.20
Prestige 4x2 Blue dCi 115 £2,199 £61.20
Techroad 4x2 TCe 130 £1,599 £61.20
Techroad 4x2 TCe 150 £1,999 £61.20
Techroad 4x2 Blue dCi 115 £2,499 £61.20