New Renault ZOE

The New Renault ZOE

At Bennett Renault we love the New Renault ZOE, it's improved battery and new features within the vehicle. We've highlighted the key features of the New Renault ZOE that we believe are important to local drivers in Leeds along with important things to consider when switching to an electric vehicle.

Improved range and rapid charge battery

Talking to customers about electric cars we know that one of the key concerns is a lack of ‘range’. The average driver in the uk drives less than 35 miles per day and with a range of over 200 miles, you'll find the New Renault ZOE has more than enough for the majority of drivers. You may be wondering if long journeys in the New ZOE is a viable option, with the MY Renault! App, you are able to plan your journey and view charging stations near you so you don't have to worry about being caught short.

You can enjoy the MY Renault app for free and enjoy a wide range of connected services free of charge for 3 years:

  • Vehicle localisation from your MY Renault app;
  • Display of driving range and charging stations available nearby or at your destination;
  • Smart journey planner that indicates the most suitable charging points and the overall journey time, including charging time. Just one click and the route is sent to your car;
  • Final mile route* : once you have parked, transfer the route from your ZOE to your smartphone and easily continue on foot to your final destination;
  • View the charge status of the battery and remaining driving range in real time;
  • Schedule charging for off-peak times to save costs;
  • Activate or schedule air-conditioning or heating to enjoy a cabin at the ideal temperature when you set off.

* Only available on models equipped with EASY LINK navigation.


We spoke recently to one customer who bought their Renault ZOE two years ago. They work as a teacher and use their Renault ZOE every day to and from work, as well as taking their young child out at the weekends. In the 2 years they have never once had to charge their ZOE away from the house. “I remember when I got my ZOE I was checking where all the local charge points were, but I’ve never had to use one. I usually plug it in once or twice per week overnight and that’s it. I definitely don’t miss visiting the petrol station”.

Leeds Clean Air Charging Zone

You may not be aware, but Leeds City Council have plans to make Leeds into a Clean Air Charging Zone from 2021. Details are waiting to be finalised however it is believed there will be a daily fee for vehicles of high emissions to enter the zone. The Clean Air Charging Zones will not be a problem for the 100% electric New Renault ZOE, allowing for free and easy travel around the city centre and no effect to the clean air.

You can find out more here -

As mentioned previously, there are lots of other reasons to choose the New Renault ZOE, so we’ve listed them below.

Interior and exterior Redesign

  • 100% recycled plastic for visible plastics on interior
  • Restyled exterior with nine colour options
  • Full LED headlamps as standard
  • Three wheel sizes available: 15-inch, 16-inch and 17-inch
  • Completely redesigned and improved interior – available with a 9.3-inch portrait style multimedia screen

Technology and Convenience

  • Five-year, 100,000-mile vehicle warranty
  • Eight-year, 100,000-mile traction battery warranty
  • New regenerative braking B-Mode allows for single pedal driving
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Automatic High-Beam/Dipped-Beam activation
  • Rear View Camera
  • 4G connectivity with three-year data pack
  • Bose® Sound System, compatible with Android Auto™
  • Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ offered as standard
  • Available in Play, Iconic, and GT Line trim levels

Battery and Charging

  • New 52kWh Z.E. 50 battery capable of up to 245 miles (WLTP) – 32% more than previous 41kWh unit
  • Free 7kW BP Chargemaster Homecharger unit and installation for New ZOE customers
  • 50kWh rapid charge compliant – 90 miles of charge in 30 minutes
  • Renault’s Chameleon Charger™ included
  • Available with two motor options: 100kW R135 and entry level 80kW R110

With the addition of:

  • 48% Residual Value (6 months/30,000 miles)

To find out more, book an appointment to test drive ZOE for yourself at our Renault Unplugged Event from 9-19 October

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