The All-New CAPTUR is here!

The SUV with added personality is here and is now customisable to create your unique All-New CAPTUR.

VIP Launch Event

We are hosting a VIP Launch Event to reveal the All-New CAPTUR to you. 

You will be one of the first people to view the All-New CAPTUR in person. This is a great opportunityfor you to learn more about its features, along with being able to ask your questions to our team. 


​All-New CAPTUR Play TCe 100

All-New CAPTUR Iconic TCe 100

All-New CAPTUR S Edition TCe 100

Distinctive Exterior

All-New CAPTUR boasts its new muscular design, signature lighting and iconic two-toned body. Bigger with a more expressive design, All-New CAPTUR has an even stronger SUV identity.​

The All-New CAPTUR has a range of customisable features on the exterior of the SUV to allow a unique and bold combination. With a range of options you're spoilt for choice, the roof, door mirrors, alloys, skid plates and most importantly the body are all cusomisble by choosing your colour combinations and features. Make your SUV unique and bold.

Revolutionary Interior

​The new 9.3‘’ portrait EASY LINK touchscreen is one of the biggest in its category. The cockpit oriented towards the driver, the innovative flying console and the soft-touch materials promise a unique onboard experience.

Much like the exterior, the interior is also customisable, you can design the interior in your own way and make it unique. Choose the colour of the dashboard, the upholstery, the decorative panels and the door armrests.​