The Renault KANGOO Z.E. electrifies your journey

The Renault KANGOO Z.E. offers a solution for every business with a made-to-measure, comfortable interior, 143 mile driving range* and a tailored multimedia system to suit you and your business.

Comfortable Design

The KANGOO Z.E. is available in two sizes to ensure you get the right fit for your business. It's automatic transmission makes driving a breeze giving a silent and smooth drive. With additional accessories available you can customize your KANGOO Z.E. to make work just that little bit easier.


Efficiency and the solution for your business

The Renault KANGOO Z.E. 33 battery can give you 143 miles* in one charge, meaning you can forget your worries of running out of charge in the middle of work. With real life estimates of around 124 miles in the summer and 75 miles in the winter** the KANGOO Z.E. is perfect for your business and it's needs. In addition to the Z.E. 33 Battery's long range, you can also recharge 20 miles of driving range in one hour. As a business owner you might struggle to reach your clients in low emission zones, with the KANGOO Z.E. you will have full access to low emission zones.


Book a test drive

Find out if the Renault KANGOO Z.E. is the right fit for you and your business by taking a test drive today. Contact us to find out more and book an appointment.

*WLTP figures shown are for comparability purposes. Figures obtained after the battery was fully charged. Actual real-world driving results may vary depending on factors such as the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted after registration, weather conditions, driving styles and vehicle load.

**Why is the range reduced in winter?

Like all batteries, those in Z.E. vehicles are less efficient in cold weather than at warmer ambient temperatures. This means that you can expect a reduction in the range of your Renault Z.E. in the winter. Also, in winter you are more likely to use the heating, which means Kangoo Z.E. consumes more energy.

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