New Renault Twizy

If you’re looking for a compact electric vehicle with zero-emissions and a unique, head-turning appearance, the eccentric Renault Twizy ticks all the boxes.


A revolutionary two-seater with an abundance of style, the Renault Twizy is like nothing else on the roads today. Fun, dynamic and available in a host of smart body colours including Diamond Black with various colour arches and wheels, the Twizy’s two-toned palate is another reason to love this Renault design. It turns heads for all the right reasons, with coloured mirrors adding to the overall aesthetics of this futuristic-looking ride.

The Twizy is a two-seater ideal for city driving thanks to its pint-sized dimensions, which make it incredibly easy to park. That said, the interior is surprisingly spacious with tall adults being able to get comfy in the front even with a passenger in the back. The driver’s seat slides forwards and backwards allowing for optimum comfort, and there’s even eight-litres of storage in the form of glove boxes either side of the console. There’s also 31-litres of storage space underneath the rear seat. The smart upholstery is another highlight, coming in a range of vibrant colours for added character.

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The Twizy is all about eco-friendly, zero-emissions technology. Simply open the flap at the front, pull out the cable and plug it into any 230V domestic socket. Advanced tech also includes an onboard computer and an energy recovery system, which works hard to extend your driving range. The econometer also calculates your Eco Score and keeps an eye on energy consumption.

Safety and Performance

The Twizy is built with safety in mind. Its tubular chassis has been specifically designed to protect in the event of an impact, while the four disk brakes are incorporated for advanced safety. The Twizy is also super-sensitive, with an impressive turning circle allowing you to respond to the road appropriately.

The all-new Renault Twizy is remarkably nippy, offering instant torque from the vehicle’s responsive electric motor. The steering has an almost go-kart type feel creating a fun and memorable driving experience. A 17bhp unit reaches speeds that are gratifying if not comparable to sportier, turbocharged models. You can reach 30mph in just over 60 seconds which for a compact, electric vehicle of this kind is impressive.

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No Emissions 0 (g/km)
Safety Tubular chassis
Technology Econometer displays your energy consumption